Production house Blackframe is founded by producer Sanne Cousijn and director Camiel Zwart. Blackframe wants to make quirky and honest films which stand in the middle of society; stories that need to be told in our opinion. Our documentaries are author driven and personal; our fiction projects are innovative and ambitious. We think it is essential that through the whole making process is close contact between director and producer. Blackframe is always looking for new ways in telling an existing story. We like to work with new makers and on surprising, innovative projects. Like (youth) documentaries, web series, fiction projects and corporate documentaries.


Camiel Zwart is next to creative producer of Blackframe also a social concerned documentary director. As documentary maker he is always looking for stories of normal people who find themselves in a transition phase. Trust between Camiel and his subject complement the base of all his documentaries. Because of this he is able to, more than others, come close to the person behind the story. This way intimate films occur that personally touch you.


Sanne Cousijn (1983) lives and works in Amsterdam where she studied film production at the Dutch Film Academy and a masters degree in Information Law at the University of Amsterdam. In 2006 Sanne founded production house Blackframe with director Camiel Zwart. With Blackframe she has since then produced numerous documentaries and shorts which have been selected for festivals around the world and have won several awards. Sanne participated in prestigious workshops like the Biennale College – Cinema > Virtual Reality, the IFFR – Rotterdam LAB, the Binger Filmlab – Micro Budget Producing workshop, the Erich Pommer Institute – Digital Strategies – Financing, Marketing and Distribution 2.0 and the IDFA coproduction-workshop.